Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia Accept payment on our website by Square (surcharges do apply) Payment in store can be made by Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card including Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express along with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay (Surcharges do apply) We also Accept Zip Pay in store (Surcharges do apply).

How to place an order

You may place an order by purchasing online using our shopping cart or contacting Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia by email: sales@aftermarketjeep.com.au. any further questions please contact us on: 08 6146 4700,

Paying a deposit on an invoice or item is acceptance of our terms and conditions and acceptance that you are happy with the product invoiced. We are not liable if you pay a deposit and order an incorrect product, all product fitments are stated on your invoice.

Special Orders, one off orders, and Preorders.

These orders must be paid in full in advance and are non refundable or exchangeable, some preorders may be delayed due to transit and freight hold up these are out of our hands and don’t substitute a reason for exchange or refund, items that are not held in stock are considered special orders and therefore are not refundable, paying a deposit on an invoiced item is acceptance of our terms and conditions and acceptance that you are happy with the product invoiced. We are not liable if you order the wrong product.


Presale orders must be paid in full in advance before the presale end date to receive the presale, The presale item will then be sent out to the customer/buyer after the presale finishes and the items are ready for shipment, dates are approximate and can vary, it is the buyers responsibility to details before placing the presale order.

Commitment to hold stock

While Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia carries stock off all items on its website, we can sometimes have zero stock of items, it is the purchasers responsibility to check whether an item is in stock before purchasing through our checkout cart, Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia accepts no responsibility for out of stock items, GENERALLY 90% of all our products are in stock at all times but due to supply and demand we can often sell out and as such waits can be up 6 weeks for new stock to arrive, mainly on larger items, if Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia cannot supply your item within 36 weeks of order date a full refund will be given.

Our Shipping Commitment

Once your funds have been received by Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia, it is our policy to ship your items to you as quickly and economically as possible. We try to ship all in stock orders within 7 business days of funds being received. Keep in mind if you are paying Via our website the process of clearing Fund can take 3-4 Business days, not including weekends. Therefore dispatch times of up to 7 days starts after the funds are cleared into our Business Bank Account. If your order is going to take longer than that (Out of stock), we will notify you with an estimated delivery date. While we try our best to adhere to these policies, as a small business, some differences and changes may occur, in which case we apologize but accept no liability.

Local pickup is available if arranged prior by contacting us on: 08 6146 4700

Stock Hold up Exclusions

While Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia will often have items in all stages of production, i.e. manufacturing, powder coating, packaging and on the way for product dispatch, therefore we have a timeframe of 36 weeks to allow us to supply the goods, this is so that an item in early stages of production can reach us in time to dispatch,  in the event of a shipping company going into liquidation we may have a longer wait, thus causing our stock to be held on the ocean with no updated ETA for several weeks this can sometimes push the wait times out several weeks, in the event that this does occur, we will need to wait for confirmation from the shipping company or liquidators as to when our stock will arrive or if not and our insurance has to make a claim to therefore issue a refund to the customer. We will notify you in the unlikely even that this could occur.


All parts are covered by a 1 year Warranty, In the event of a warranty claim should the goods need to be returned to Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia all freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, in the event that the goods are to be replaced we will replace them with the same or equal item, as to what was returned if this item is out of stock we may have to wait for our next container to arrive before sending out a new product this can sometimes take up to 36 weeks. all electronic goods must be fitted by a qualified auto electrician, although items may be plug and play if these are not installed by a qualified auto electrician your warranty will be void.

Freight Insurance Coverage

We offer freight Insurance coverage for your item while in transit, this is so that in the event of any damage to your items you are covered for full replacement of your items plus freight, If you choose to not purchase this, aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia will not be responsible for any damages or loss that may occur during freight Including coverage of the Powercoat, Paint of your Bonnet, Grill, Bumpers or other accessories, Freight Insurance coverage is provided by The Freight company used to freight your order, in the event of a claim we will place the claim for you and once approved we will send out the new items, This process can take up to several weeks. There is an excess for the insurance claim and this can be checked with us directly.

Our Choice of Shipper or Courier

Depending on the size and weight of the product, Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia may, at its discretion, opt to use Australia Post, Fastway Couriers, Toll, Allied Express, Northridge Freight, TNT or any other parcel shipper or freight company. We maintain this flexibility of choosing shippers due to the great price variances from shipper to shipper, for packages of specific size, weight, etc. (Unless the customer wishes to organise their own freight) If such is the case we will offer assistance, a small handling fee may be applicable. Whenever possible, you will be provided with a tracking number for your shipment via email.

Missing, Damaged or incorrect Goods

Please check the contents of your packages immediately upon delivery, and contact us within 3 business days to report any missing items, incorrect items, incorrect quantities or damaged goods. USED products cannot be returned under any circumstances, please note products are designed to fit American vehicles and may not fit correctly on Australian models, products must be inspected  prior to installation to ensure correct fit, Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia does not accept  any liability for items not fitting correctly.

Refund/Return/Exchange Policy On Undamaged Goods

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia as per Australian Consumer Law will NOT accept returns if, you cannot provide proof of purchase, the product is not needed or you have simply changed your mind, All low stocked sale items are sold as is and are not returnable or exchangeable.

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia will only accept returns under the following conditions; item not as described on our website or under special circumstances as agreed upon by Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia , a restocking fee of 15%  will apply.

A full refund or exchange less any restocking fee will be issued, provided the item is returned to Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia  within 7 business days. This is conditional on that, the product is returned in an “as new” condition, un modified and un fitted, no scratches or damage to item, in its original undamaged packaging, and unopened if sealed by the manufacturer. Shipping charges are not refundable. Refund amounts will be based on the currently listed price on our website, or the invoice – whichever is lesser. Special order items are non returnable.

The customer is solely responsible for shipping any returned product back to Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia . Customers must ship the item back to Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia using a reputable carrier that is capable of providing proof of delivery and insurance for the entire value of the shipment. The customer bears all cost of shipping charges and all risk of loss in transit to Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia . The customer agrees that the returned product will be 100% complete, in a re-saleable condition, and will be complete with original packaging, manuals, etc. If any of the listed requirements are not fulfilled, Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia reserves the right to reject the refund and the Buyer must pay for the return shipping to receive the item back.

Refund/Exchange Policy for Damaged/Faulty Goods

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia will exchange or repair goods received in a faulty or damaged condition please notify us within 3 business days of receiving goods. Goods will be exchanged with goods to the same value and description as originally supplied. Proof of  damage and  proof of purchase must be supplied. In the event that Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia cannot exchange or repair these goods in a reasonable time we will offer a full refund upon return of the goods.

Lay-by & Cancellations of Lay-by

Lay-by will take place upon a 30% deposit being paid, you will have 3 months to pay the lay-by off and regular payments must be made,  If the buyer chooses to cancel the Lay-by Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia Reserves the right to keep the original deposit as a cancellation of contract and loss of sale.

Cancellation of once off orders, and Backorders.

These have deposits when the order is placed, some orders may be delayed due to transit and freight hold up these are out of our hands and don’t substitute a reason for cancellation, should you wish to cancel your order, Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia May accept a cancellation under certain circumstances, although a 15% order cancellation fee will be applicable.

Storage of Orders not picked up within 45 days.

When a customer is notified of an item coming into stock, we allow a 4-6 week time for pickup, should you not pickup the item or have the item fitted in this time, We reserve the right to cancel your order or charge a storage fee based on square metre rates. We have limited warehouse space and therefore cannot continue to store orders that people choose not to pickup. We also have the right to charge interest on the outstanding amount of an invoice should it be substantial and not viable for us to hold the item in stock.

Colour to VIN

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia Uses only the very best Paint Shop to do your colour coding to VIN number, we use a Panel and Paint shop with over 40 years in the industry, These guys do a great job at colour matching to your Vin and 99.9% of the time the colour match is great, on occasions if your vehicle has extensive Sun damage or fading, or has had a respray previously and the colour isnt identical to your vin, the paint may not be 100% perfect match. Whilst we will go to all efforts to ensure a great match Ajpa are not responsible for any mismatch in paint colour.


Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia Uses the same company for all powder coating and all products are powder coated in our ripple finishes, the ripple in these powder coats can vary from bar to bar and product to product slightly and as such we cannot ensure they are 100% identical.

Product Branding

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia often brands its product for recognition in the market place, many of our items have small Laser cuts of our JPA logo or a small badge on our product, this may not be shown in some product pictures as the photos are taken pre choice on branding position, Some items may have branding that may be shown in photos, but may change on products from batch to batch.


JPA will often suggest wheel and tyre options based on a customers request, we can only suggest a product based on the information given, should you as the customer not give us the correct info, or enough info to determine correct fitment, we may not supply something suitable, this is not a reason to obtain a refund, as it is the buyers responsibility to check PCD, Fitment, offset and wheel and tyre sizes to see if suitable for the vehicle. Some wheels and tyre suggested may be for Offroad Use Only, this is up to the buyer to determine whether these suit the guidelines set out in regards to that vehicle.

Offroad Use Only.

All products sold or manufactured by Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia  are for offroad use only Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia makes no claim that products are either legal or insurable for public roads, it is the purchasers responsibility to ensure compliance with their relevant insurer and local regulatory bodies. An Engineers certificate and approval may be required to insure items.

Product Fitment

All Products are provided to fit with either accessories fitted in photos provided or the vehicle in a stock form (where stated), where it states an item is suited for use with a specific item it may not work with other items or product variations, All products are aftermarket and some products might be left hand drive or right hand drive suited especially other brands such as rugged ridge, often indicators/turn signals are slightly different sizes and  therefore some slight adjustments might be required while fitting, remember that your vehicle may not be identical after an accident or incident and therefore parts may fit slightly different and have to be adjusted upon fitment.

Legal Statement

The Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia name and logos are trademarks of Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia , and the information on this site is protected by copyright. You may only use the information, text or graphics contained on this site for your personal use and may not reproduce, adapt or publish it, in whole or in part, for any purpose without the express consent of Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia.

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, but does not accept liability for errors or omissions, both within this site or any link attached to this site

All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers or approved by any of these manufacturers.