AURORA LED DUALLY 2″ D2 40W Diffusion Diffused 10w..

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Aurora Dually 2” inch D2 40W Diffusion/Diffused Beam LED WORKLIGHT/LIGHT BAR
40 Watt (4 x 10W Oslon Made in Germany LED CHIPSET) LED LIGHT BAR Diffusion Diffused BEAM.
3200Lumen Diffusion to 25M
Aurora lightbars and worklights are THE BEST & Toughest lightbars currently on the market, The quality of these lights from output to build quality and warranty backup is Second to none.
please view the manufacturers testing video for more details and the strenuous testing they put these lights through to ensure they are only the best in the world.
• 50,000+hours average lifespan
•  5years of continuous use
• 96% optical/reflector efficiency
• 9-36 Volt DC Input
• Very Low Current draw
• 100%optically clear
• GE LEXAN lens
• Instant on/off, no warm-up
• Operating Temp: -40 ~ + 155 deg
• Dual-oversized heat sink
• Low power consumption
• IP69K Rating
• Military standard breather
• Unique Durable Mar/UV resistant patent technology
• Sealed waterproof connector
• Pass Chinese Military Standard GJB 150&US MIL810-STD
• Tested for: High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature shock, UV, Humidity, Salt Fog, Sand and Dust, Vibration, Altitude, CE&Rohs certification

What’s included in the Box?

1 x Aurora D2 Dually 2” inch Diffused 40W LED Worklight

1 x Full wiring kit including: switch, relay, fuse

1 x Set of Steel mounts including Bolt,nut,Washer.

Battery terminal connections.

Product Video:
Excellent Quality Product.


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