AEV – 3.5″ DualSport SC Suspension for 07-15 JK 2 Door Wrangler Manual Kit


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If you’re a Jeep enthusiast who enjoys outdoor activities and exploring, you’d have to agree that the new JK is one of the most exciting vehicles to come from Jeep in a long time. Its combination of greater interior space, optional 4-doors and the chassis of a true truck, make it an ideal platform upon which to build an exceptional exploration vehicle. At AEV we couldn’t wait to begin work on a suspension package aimed at this theme. To develop this package we considered all the qualities that make up a great exploration-style vehicle: ground clearance, articulation, load-carrying capability, ride quality and of course, high-speed stability.
AEV found solutions for these considerations in the use of dual-rate, frequency-tuned springs (front and rear), vehicle/load-specific shock valving and the kind of attention to overall suspension geometry you’d expect from a company with years of OE engineering experience. In time we believe that the AEV, Nth Degree Suspension, package will prove to be the finest available for the adventure-minded JK owner. Whether driven empty or saddled with all the gear necessary for months in the backcountry, the AEV, Nth Degree Suspension, equipped JK remains comfortable, balanced, and ready to explore.

AEV, “Nth Degree” JK 3.5-inch Suspension Systems:
Expedition-Ready / Daily-Driven Practical: More so than any of its predecessors, the JK Wrangler is not just a trail-mastering off-road specialist, it’s a truly “streetable” on-road transport too. The AEV, “Nth Degree”, System enhances the JK to raise its performance in both arenas to create a true Expedition Vehicle.
Tuned Vehicle Dynamics: The JK has been thoroughly sorted for impeccable behaviour in every situation you may put it in – and especially the ones you didn’t intend to.
Complete: AEV, “Nth Degree”, JK systems are truly stand-alone packages that include everything needed to elevate your JK properly.
Options. AEV offers both 3.5-inch & 4.5-inch lift heights and allow the JK to accommodate 35 X 12.50 tyres.
What’s Included:
Frequency-Tuned™, AEV progressive-rate front and rear coil springs.
Proprietary tuned AEV/Bilstein 5100 mono-tube shocks.
Geometry-Corrected™ rear track-bar tower and track bar.
New heavy-duty steering damper.
Small Parts: bump stop spacers, brake line drop brackets, alignment cam bolts, and more.
Geometry-Corrected™ “high-steer” kit:
Tie-Rod ‘flip’ via tapered insert and new OEM-grade draglink.
Brackets to relocate the track bar, stabilizer end links, & damper.
AEV Jack Base – A must for any lifted JK
AEV ProCal Module


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