Steel Highflow Heat Reduction bonnet/hood for Jeep JK Wrangler 07+

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Product Description


*****Highflow Heat Reduction Bonnet/hood for Jeep Wrangler JK 07+ Stamped Steel*****

***This bonnet is Stamped steel Primed in E-coat Satin black, for 07+ 2door and 4door models or JK8

Fibreglass Bonnets are Not to be used in AUSTRALIA for road use, a fibreglass bonnet shatters and splinters on impact and therefore your vehicle can be DEFECTED for using a fibreglass bonnet,


The Jeep Parts Australia Steel Highflow Heat Reduction Bonnet for JK is a ready for paint Replacement Bonnet/hood, it radically increases the air intake volume and Helps to expel heat from the engine bay due to 8 fully functional vents.

This bonnet/hood has a dual stage heat reduction designed to expel the maximum amount of heat from within the engine bay at both highway and low crawling speeds, this bonnet/hood features 3 vents on the centre cowl on each side (total 6 vents) Specifically designed to expel heat travelling directly upwards at crawling speeds also featuring two vents on the side of the hood at the rear which are designed to give heat in the rear of the engine bay at the firewall an area to exit the engine bay when traveling on highway or crawling,
The JPA Highflow hood is a great option to help reduce engine bay temperatures and combined with our highflow grill this makes a perfect combination for Maximum airflow through the bonnet and grill, giving some of the highest ability of cooling in the industry.
Windscreen Washer:
The JPA Highflow Bonnet has dual windscreen washers built into the top of the bonnet bulge meaning better windscreen water Dispersement than other brands that relocate to the vent under the window they don’t get the water dispersement over the windshield. (The Washer Nozzle Holes aren’t Punched out 100% due to the difference in Size of the Windscreen washers from 2007-2015 Model, may require small amount of drilling and or Cutting to suit your size washer.
Colour Coding:
JPA Also do colour coding for bonnets and all auto accessories, we can colour code to your vin number for the Bonnet/hood please see the extra paint option we offer.
Dont be fooled by a fibreglass hood that is illegal to use on the road in australia. the JPA Highflow bonnet complies with ADR on all OEM levels, this bonnet/hood retains the factory safety latch and is a high quality steel replacement bonnet.

1 review for Steel Highflow Heat Reduction bonnet/hood for Jeep JK Wrangler 07+

  1. Christos
    5 out of 5


    Love this hood… perfect fit, good quality, turns heads… Thanks JPA for everything :)

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